Top Notch Repairs presents Pahrump Car Show 2017

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Pleistocene Foundation - Raymond Kelso

Pleistocene Foundation - Raymond Kelso

I am a former Juvenile Delinquent, raised in Johannesburg Ca. in the Mojave Desert. I am one of 5 generations of Desert Rats. I began my career playing with cars in high school in the early 60’s. I was blessed with good health, good friends, small town and wide-open spaces for street racing and cruzin. I managed to live thru the muscle car era where big engines, fast cars and rock and roll were the norm. Working in high school at a gas station presented the opportunity to buy a classic 57 Chevy. That event propelled me into a lifetime of American vehicle interests. My past life was dominated by my friends and myself playing with cars, drag racing at NHRA Inyokern Drag Strip, swapping rear ends, building electronic ignitions, points and plugs, etc. Burnt rubber and hot asphalt could possibly be blamed for the “first” global warming. I appreciate what has evolved with the younger generation car clubs and the family participation. I also can sympathize and appreciate the low budget daily drivers as well as the $100,000 resto- mods. Being a senior citizen now, I look back on my shade tree mechanic days, the greasy clothes and oily hands and the smile on my face as I now participate in car shows across the southwest. I have participated in judging numerous local shows. I am familiar with judging criteria and aware of issues associated with fair and equitable awards and prizes.

By the Way. I am responsible for the Ridgecrest CA. Petroglyph Days Car Show Nov 4 and 5, 2017, under the trees in Leroy Jackson Park (See attached) We expect over 100 vehicles. You and all your friends are cordially invited.

Raymond Kelso