Top Notch Repairs presents Pahrump Car Show 2017

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Top Notch Magazine -- Souvenir Book

Thank you for taking part in the 2017 Top Notch Car Show! Thanks to you, we all had a great day. We are ourselves owners of classic cars, and know the work involved in going to a car show. Thank you for putting so much energy and taking the time to participate.

Many things happened today, on this beautiful day of October 7, 2017 at Top Notch. From the moment you came in, our photographers captured as many moments as possible.

We will make a compilation of all these moments in a souvenir book that you can get for $20.00.

In this book we will also include a page exclusively for the assessment of this day, to inform you of all donations and receipts given to NYE County School District, as well as other informations related to the fund raiser.

Thank you again for your generous participation,

-The Top Notch Car Show Team

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Deadline for ordering the souvenir book: October 31, 2017