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General Testimonials
The team of professionals at Top Notch are the BEST when it comes to troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing problems with diesel engines (trucks, RVs, large & small, you name it) as well as gas engines. I have taken two vehicles to them, a diesel pusher RV and a regular vehicle, both with multiple issues and both fixed to perfection!!!! Do not be intimidated by the look of the place, it is humble and focused on their mission of great service. I found this place through word of mouth from a friend that was equally impressed when he brought his DP RV to Top Notch. I can now confirm & validate that!!!! They even do body work - they really do it all. Because the shop also owns a trucking company the mechanics and staff are intimately aware of the driver's POV, they care A LOT about the quality work, and everyone in the team are polite, respectful, and detailed oriented - especially the front office. I was not asked to write this review, just compelled to do so because others in the area deserve to know!!! Top Notch is like a _haven_ for trucks, RVs, and cars, and a blessing for us who rely on those vehicles for our livelihood. Highly recommend to at least call Top Notch before making a choice for your vehicles!!!!
Excellent service friendly, fast and reliable.
No better shop anywhere! They are professional, super friendly and easy to work with.My drivetrain issues were fixed in a timely manner and there prices are extremely fair. Their name says it all" TOP NOTCH "!
I brought in my pickup it was all faded out. I brought it to Top Notch and they sanded the whole pickup, they polished the headlights so I can see. I also had my desoto done, tires and rims and they did an excellent job by not scratching either the wheels and or the car. They went over and beyond. Thank you Top Notch
have them do maintenance on my vehicles
I got my water pump changed on my Chevy Equinox 2013, and let me just say… the service was terrific. Not only was the secretary in the office super friendly and helpful, but the job was done well and in a timely manner. I 100% recommend this shop! It’s Top Notch!!!!
This shop is amazing. I needed my car back fast and they did it. No excuses. And very friendly.
Fast service. Friendly people... Always snacks in the jar :)
I didn’t actually do business here, bit limped into town from Death Valley. We’re these people were wonderful and willing to do what I wanted to help me out. We found a place a few miles away that had the part I needed and fixed it myself. Most times I find business will do what benefits them. I would go back there if I am in the area.
This shop was just on top of everything.
The owner was so nice and fair, I got such a good deal for all the work they've done on my diesel. No one else can reach the standards Top Notch Repairs has. Highly recommend this shop
A very pleasant experience with Top Notch Repair, the effort made by a professional team, I thank each mechanic for their professionalism, it was a job well done, thank you very much, and I want to thank Valery the coordinator, for his concern in doing a job of quality, and effort, she has total kindness and for treating the client with joy and respect, Valery, thank you very much, I recommend top notch repair as a dedicated and professional team. ??? shop top notch repair ?
Went back to Top Notch for some needed repairs in April of 2022 and just as the last time we used their services in 2018 they were very efficient and courteous. A part had to be ordered and because we could not drive the coach we were allowed to stay on the property and they even allowed us to hook up to their electricity. The Part arrived on Saturday morning and they finished the repair. I highly recommend this place not only are the mechanics great. Office staff are helpful and the shop does the most amazing custom work. Please give them a try you won't be sorry
Final bill came in 100$ less then the estimate... Now that's honesty! Highly recommended.
Top Notch is the best place to go for repairs! My husband and I broke down in Death Valley and luckily we were towed by 2 Star Towing to you! We got there late that evening and Anna went out of her way to get us the help we needed. You got us back on the road the next day. Thank you so much!
We were in Death Valley and lost some gears. This place took us on arrival and check our issues. They were very helpful and pleasant to work with. They were precise in the price up front and fixed the problems in alittle over an hour. We were impressed
Very helpful, nice and professional.
This was a great experience. From walking in the door until the emission inspection was completed, Top Notch staff were warm, hospitable and most importantly fair, honest and integral. I am a woman traveling alone in an RV. Had some issues with the check engine light as well as the traction, no downhill assist and the cruise going off when these lights appeared. I couldn't even find a shop who would give me an appointment. No we don't take class c RV's was the response. Finally a friend suggested Top Notch and they were top notch. They checked it the day I brought it in, suggested I leave it overnight so they could check the emission system cold. They even offered to let me stay there in my RV for the night. They checked it again with a cold engine and found no leaks. Attributed it to the same issue everyone had been saying, gas cap! They took it for a ride, no lights. I drove it back to camp, no lights. Cost : $50. Awesome!
They painted my 1969 Chevy El Camino, SS 396 The paint and body work done is as good as it gets.
best quality
Very satisfying experience at Top Notch you will like them I promise!! Thank you for the huge help. Paige
Great place & nice people! Michael helped me out with an electrical problem on the lift gate of my trailer. I also got some welding done. Thumbs up! There are pretty trucks and trailers to enjoy! Masterpieces!!
I highly recommend and will use again next time I'm in the area.
Excellent job at Top Notch, they did some paint touch ups on my RV, and then detailed it. Frank also checked out the A/C units. Great team! They really did outstanding work, yet the prices we agreed on was fair! Mad props to Top Notch! I will definitely use you again.
I recently purchased a ‘56 bel air and I was on the hunt to find pictures of the restoration. After a good amount of research I was able to track down the shop that had restored and painted my bel air. I got in touch with Val. She was able to track down the paint code for my car, and she also sent me a before picture of my car before it was painted. I was relieved to have found a before picture of my bel air because I want to be able to tell the history behind it.

Top Notch Repairs did an immaculate job painting this car. The paint looks like it literally came out of the paint booth. Keep in mind, this car was painted back in 2014 and it shines up extremely well. I often get compliments on how nice the paint job is. Kudos to Top Notch!

The undercarriage of the car was also done. Very nicely done undercoating. There were no corners cut on this car. I know this because I took a magnet and went through the entire car. Every inch of the body stuck to the magent. No BONDO! I’m extremely happy with this car and the craftsmanship that went into it. We’ll done Top Notch Repairs!
-J. L.
The nicest people I’ve ever met at an auto repair facility! They gave me a killer deal on some body work and the repairs were truly professional. The over the road trucker was even kind enough to give me a ride home when I dropped my truck off! I highly recommend and will be using the for all my future projects. Thank you!
Very good
We have had them paint our RV, repair our RV as well as fix our Vintage Corvette. There work is impeccable and customer service is awesome! I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Very good
Very Good place diagnosed the problem with a camshaft sensor and got me out in a few hours the girls in the office were super nice and even showed some of there custom trucks very reasonable prices I would definitely go back
I've read the reviews both positive and negative. From my experience, the negative reviews must not be telling the whole story! I have never experienced a more up front, honest and trustworthy group of people in all my 71 years!!! No matter what your needs may be, everyone will work their hardest to make sure your are treated fairly and that you go away satisfied! I highly recommend Top Notch Repairs!!
Great service
Great people there and confident in their work. Frank did a great job. We'll go back.
The power steering pump in my 1991 Coachmen Royal motorhome went out the pump is nowhere to be found but top-notch can find it for me through their Amazon account soon I will be back on the road again as soon as they call me for a okay to go down there and have it replaced very friendly group getting some Diagnostics done on the engine very fair prices definitely a must stop if you need help with your RV on the road I will definitely recommend my RV friends to Top Notch in Pahrump Nevada
I really thought I was throwing this shop a wrench when I brought ktm in. With very hard to find parts and tons of trouble shooting. Frank and team has kept me posted continuously. The knowledge and courtesy is outstanding. Recommended with full confidence. Big shout out to the wonderful lady in the office as well.
-Jeff Scott
-J. Scott
This is the first time that a repair shop took the time to explain what was wrong with my vehicle. They suggested alternatives/different options to fix it according to my budget. I felt that I could trust them. I didn't feel the same trust at a couple of other shops that I've tried before. I will adopt this repair shop as my trusted go-to. I have recommended you to my friends and relatives.
They do most anything. Honest.
Thanks to thd best team fixing my troublesome car
Very friendly people
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Very good. Can't say a bad thing about the place. Great staff. Got the job done. Thanks to all my new friends at Top Notch
(I would like to put on 6 stars, but it won't let me :( !!!) happy discovery in the phonebook, I don`t know anything about mechanics, but they very well explained the issues about my vehicle. During my visit, I`ve met with the owner, and the atmosphere was also very friendly. I am satisfied of the repair they have done. I received service that went beyond my expectations. And I will be happy to talk to my relatives about this shop!
Love this place, they work with me and are honest, I just hope my car doesn't break so often!
They do most anything. Honest.
This is a top notch diesel repair. Ee had an emergency ans they were right out to help and fixed in a jiffy!! Michael is awesome! Very professional and knows what he is doing. Didnt take advantage at all. Thank you Top Notch. Your top notch!!!
Thanks top notch andthe crew for taking the time to show us around while changing a tire on the econoline,, your work is perfect
A while back my wife bought a trashed horse trailer as a restoration project for $2000. We started striping it down, pulled out the original rotten floor boards and surprise surprise, the frame rails were completely rotted through. The metal frame rail where the front axle connected to the frame was even rusted through. No way this thing is going to be safe to put my horses in it. We thought it over and decided to get an estimate to have the frame rails replaced. I googled for places in Pahrump that could cut out the old rails and weld in new ones and Top Notch Repairs was the only one who could get me in for an estimate that day. The office staff was friendly and courteous over the phone and everyone I spoke to in person at the shop was the same.

I pulled the trailer down to the shop and explained that I just wanted the rusted out frame rails cut out and replaced and a few broken welds in other places repaired and the guy went to work inspecting everything and pointing out all the stuff that needed to be fixed that I hadn't even noticed was wrong. Once he pointed out all the stuff that needed done and I actually agreed with everything he said, I expected the quote for the work to be far above what I was going to be willing to pay. Once complete the trailer was only going to be worth about $4500 and I was already into it for $2500 so the budget was pretty thin on this project. He went in to work up the estimate while I wandered around looking at all the awesome cars they had on the lot. after about 15 minutes they called me into the office and told me they would do the work for $1000 and if the actual cost went over that they would just eat the difference. For the amount of work they were going to do I expected the estimate to be 4 times that much. In order to replace the rotten frame rails they had to remove both axles and reinstall them both perfectly parallel. If they are off even a little bit it is going to change how the trailer tows. I left the trailer with them and they said they would have it done in about a week. There is a little bit of a language barrier with the owner and the technicians but they were kind and understanding and we were able to work around it.

At the end of the week they called to let me know it was ready to be picked up. I went in, paid them and pulled the trailer home. It pulled strait, felt solid and I was extremely happy with both the work they performed and how much they charged me for it. They fixed everything on the estimate and went ahead and fixed a few other things that I was wishy washy about having done because I wanted to keep the price down and not go over budget and they stuck to the estimate price. I am very happy with the quality of work and the amount of time it took to get it done was very reasonable. We have since completed the project. I have had both of my horses in the trailer and we have used it several times to drive to California to buy 30 bales of hay and it is holding up splendidly even after pulling it over 20ish miles of wash boarded rutted out barely maintained goat paths that google says are roads. Overall, I have no complaints at all. Top Notch did a fantastic job and I would use their services again if the need arises.
We were on vacation and headed to Death Valley when my truck developed a diesel fuel leak, but we were able to cripple in to Pahrump in late afternoon. First place I called was Top Notch. They looked at my truck immediately but could not pinpoint the leak and it was too late in the day for proper diagnostics. So they offered us a place to park the truck/camper next to the shop, supplied us with clean water and an electrical hookup, all free of charge. The next morning, Frank was able to locate the leak on one of the lines between the fuel tank and the fuel pump, and replaced both fuel lines to be on the safe side. He completed the job by late morning for less than the estimate, and we were back on our way. The total cost was very reasonable. Frank was extremely knowledgeable about my truck and did a very professional job. The office staff is wonderful, friendly, and provided a complete estimate before repair work was initiated. This was a very happy ending to what could have been a disaster that ruined our vacation. Kudos to Top Notch. I just wish I lived near Pahrump so I could use them as my regular mechanics.
-P. L.
VERY accomodating people , no shenanigans !!!
-J. K.
This is the first time that a repair shop took the time to explain what was wrong with my vehicle. They suggested alternatives/different options to fix it according to my budget. I felt that I could trust them. I didn't feel the same trust at a couple of other shops that I've tried before. I will adopt this repair shop as my trusted go-to. I have recommended you to my friends and relatives.
-M. V.
Thanks top notch andthe crew for taking the time to show us around while changing a tire on the econoline,, your work is perfect
Fantastic repair shop ...very knowledgeable
-J. H.
This is a top notch diesel repair. Ee had an emergency ans they were right out to help and fixed in a jiffy!! Michael is awesome! Very professional and knows what he is doing. Didnt take advantage at all. Thank you Top Notch. Your top notch!!!
Top Notch, you are and have been more than helpful to me and my vehicles, you are the nicest, honest and most professional workers I've encountered in my life, It's unfortunate when things break, but whenever it does I do appreciate to have your shop around that I can rely on. Last time It was my wife that was stuck on her way back from Las Vegas due to a flat tire, in no time you went to her rescue !!! Simple business, helpful, honest, and that is all I ask ! HUGE thank you to all the team!
I have them to change oil on my mini van, it takes around 45 minutes every time. I call first to make sure they have a spot in their schedule. They check fluids at the same time so to prevent major trouble. They also take care of my husband's diesel truck since his back is hurting too much to do it himself. An honest shop IMO
Yes Top Notch changed my brake pads on my (old) class c motorhome on our way to Death Valley it was on a saturday, they also did a quick check to make sure the vehicle was safe enough to get going. so far so good.
All my repairs are brought to them since I have relocated to Pahrump they are easy to work with and they keep following up, perfect service
-B. M.
The wife and i broke down in death valley. Towed up to top notch. We arrived without warning @9pm. They had friendly understanding people there that let us in to drop off. In the morning they called with an estimate. When we arrived to pick up. The charge was less then originally stated. Very honest. Unfortunately the repair they made wasnt all of our problems. We were able to get back to them when they discovered a recall that we werent made aware of when we bought it. Since we already used our towing miles the tow company wanted 500$to get us back to vegas. The people at top notch said they would do it for 50$. Very good very helpful and very knowledgeable staff...
their heart and soul in there work
very nice people I definitely recommend
My car broke down in Amargosa Valley, the insurance co., had me toed to top notch. Even though I did not have my car repaired as the cost would be more than the car was worth the peole at Top Notch were exactly that, Top Notch. The oofice girls were very respectful and pleasant. The owner did not charge me for the evaluation of my repairs. They also offered to dispose of the car for me as I was over 400 miles from home. I have never had repair shop go out of their way to be as friendly and courteous as all the employees at Top Notch. I will highly recommend this shop if you ever need an honest estimate for repairs with a staff that truly cares.Thank you.
-R. D.
These folks are the real deal. Professional and reliable service. They truly are Top Notch. Our Motor home died in Death valley Ca and we had it towed to their facility for repairs. All work was done in a timely manner and at a fair price. The technicians and staff were courteous and knowledgeable .
Valerie kept us informed throughout. Thanks again.
Took my car in for detailing the interior and exterior....WOW! They did an exceptional job with very friendly customer service as well! Price was very reasonable!
My wife took our 04 Dodge 2500 5.9 to them last Friday after she said she heard something break while she was driving. They had it until today and the truck runs great again. She said the owners and staff were extremely helpful and I can’t wait to meet them, which I will do soon. She also agreed that we would volunteer at the Pahrump Car Show October 6 & 7 at their shop.

Edit: Went back this week and had the 5th wheel hitch and brake controller transferred to new truck.
Took my car for interior and exterior detailing. They did such a fantastic job. Highly recommend this place. The people are friendly as well. 10 stars.
My wife took our 04 Dodge 2500 5.9 to them last Friday after she said she heard something break while she was driving. They had it until today and the truck runs great again. She said the owners and staff were extremely helpful and I can’t wait to meet them, which I will do soon. She also agreed that we would volunteer at the Pahrump Car Show October 6 & 7 at their shop.
A very good friendly team and who speaks French, it helps sometimes !!
Bellissima Officina dove restaurano e vendono Hot Rod in maniera che definirei ARTE PURA !
Helpful and friendly. knowledgable and Fast service. I highly recommend for car service...
Thank you so much for being HANDICAP accessible and so very accomdating with any personal help that was needed at your car show. Beautiful cars. Had a GREAT time and definitely will be back next year.
New friends down south
Looked good and you all did a great job on my paint work on my tractor.
-J. G.
Nice place!, I was stuck on the road with my rv near Pahrump. The towing company recommended Top Notch. It was late, but they let me in, and allowed me to stay with my vehicle on their property 'til morning. That was a relief... they got me fixed quickly the next day and I was back on my feet.
We are a heavy highway construction company and needed some welding and machine work done on some equipment while working nearby. The folks at Top Notch went above and beyond by providing use excellent service. Thank you!
-J. J.
el mejor taller de reparación para su camión.....mantenimiento rápido!!! they saved my butt and my wallet...,gracias, de florida jose
-J. C.
I too have had nothing but great experiences with EVERYONE there. I am new to the area and began using them to assist me with my tractor repairs and they have done great work and reasonably priced.
We have to wait for a part for our 5th wheel the lady here said we can stay over night in their lot since they won't get the part until tomorrow afternoon so I figured dry camping, no they moved us over to a place where they let us hook up to their electricity and if we needed water we could hook up and use their water I think it is a family owned shop and they are so nice and welcome you with a big smile I would recommend this shop
Our Thunderbird looks great. We have a '94 Camaro convertible that needs some work so we're planning on bringing that next.
New relationship with Top Notch. However, so far, it has been fantastic!
Hi, we had out Dodge dully in today for a starter replacement and I want you to know, your customer first - exceptional friendly staff and service mechanics are a bright shining star here in Pahrump. This makes twice now that you get the A on your report card. I reported my experience worldwide and locally on my two radio broadcasts. I also advertised the car show. You will be getting call from H. L. who is also looking for a great shop for their company vehicles.
A very good friendly team and who speaks French, it helps sometimes !!
Bellissima Officina dove restaurano e vendono Hot Rod in maniera che definirei ARTE PURA !
It's a family ran business and they care a lot about preserving the automobiles in a Top Notch way
These folks live up to their name. All the commercial truckers in their service bays are a good indicator that you've come to the right place. They take special interest in old cars, so you know your car will be respected. And yes, they will come to your house is the repair is one that most likely can be handled away from the shop. And if that turns out to be the case, no problem, because the truck is equipped for flat-bed towing.

I called for "home visit" because I was pretty sure I had a short in the wires/cables attached to my battery. The technician arrived the same morning I called, and fixed my problem by replacing faulty (old, gunked up) wiring. The charge was reasonable considering I never had to bother with a tow. They told me upfront what the charge for the service call would be and that I would be charged for an hour of labor. A very small additional charge was then made for the actual nature of the repair. There was NO "diagnostic charge." I then took the car in a few days later for regular oil change and general inspecrtion. They fixed, but did not charge me, for properly grounding an intake cable that had been causing me trouble altho I didn't know that was the reason. Everyone was courteous and friendly. Yes, they do speak French--they're from Montreal. But it is not to hide things from customers, as some reviewers have implied. I remember enough of my college-level French classes to be absolutely certain that they are simply clarifying with each other what I said and what the problem is. I am very glad that they're in town and able to assist me.
This shop was an amazing experience to say the least! Fast, efficient, friendly, and very honest price! Not only was I between a rock and a hard place with my a/c going out, I couldn't find a rental, and I was not excited about a 9 hour ride home in 115 degree heat. Valerie was beyond helpful! She got my car in same day, she helped me find somewhere to actually get a rental(based on her suggestion) and when I dropped it off, the owner shook my hand and told me they would get right on it! A new A/C compressor, a check valve and an evaporator valve later, they had my car back to me in 36 hours while I was in training! Did I mention that Mike, one of the shop guys even drove me to get the rental. Yeah what an amazing experience! Plus the price was very reasonable and the people are truely fantastic! If I lived near by I would come back for more work. I will tell everyone I know about the shop any time I hear the town of Pahrump being mentioned! Awesome people
-M. B.
My friend wrecked my (5 mo. old) car. He brought it to Top Notch for an estimate (out of 4 estimates around town they had the best price). My friend was very impressed by the work he saw on the vintage cars in the parking lot and felt very comfortable having Top Notch do the repairs. (I wish I could put before and after pics on here.) It took about a week and a half (they were even kind enough to drop us off and pick us up) and when we went to get it you'd have never known it had been wrecked! The work was PRISTINE! Valerie was also there to greet us and introduced us to the team. Great bunch of people. When I went in to pay the balance, my bill was actually LESS than I expected. I appreciate a repair shop that doesn't find ways to pad the price. Need I say more? They literally are Top Notch. We know we won't ever need to shop around in the future for any of our car needs. Nice to know when you're also new to the area like we are. Thanks again you guys!
-S. P.
Everyone I talked to at Top Notch was a pleasure to meet. From the owner, to both girls in the office, to the mechanic were helpful, thorough and friendly. The price was fair. I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks
-A. C.
we loved Valerie she was so helpful ! car running cool thanks again will be seeing you in the future for our car needs M.
Customers service along with their workmenship was great!
-A. C.
Great shop and very reasonable price for work well done !!!
-A. C.
Saved our bacon! They immediately took us under their wing like we were family. We were driving through Death Valley when our clutch went out. The local mechanic was booked and recommended Top Notch in Pahrump just across from the Hubb. One call and we got scheduled for a quote/repair that day. They answered all our questions and recommended lots to do in the area while the car was getting worked on. Another customer getting her breaks worked raved about the place. she drove all the way from Anaheim to get serviced! I highly recommend this place for all repairs.
-L. D.
Will use again
outstanding service thank you
-A. A.
thank you for your service as usual excellent
-A. A.
Thank you for your service as usual excellent
Great customer service. They kept me informed throughout the process, which I very much appreciated. I will definitely be returning for future work.
-M. D.
They were awesome! Honest, reliable and trustworthy. Nicest people working there, always a smile. They help you out in just the way they say they will, even going above professionalism into hospitality, treating you like family. Could I give them 6 stars?
Please tell Marcel thanks much, very good workmanship and the staff, very good, much thanks to them
Within a week of moving to Nevada my 2001 Honda Insight was backed into by a woman while I was in Vegas. It was drivable so I was in no hurry.

I looked at reviews to see who was recommended and I chose Top Notch. I am so glad I did. They were great! Valerie took the insurance info and handled it all. They clamped the bumper together while they waited for authorization. Everyone was super professional. Had my car for about 6 days and it looked beautiful when it was complete. Now I need to get the rest of the car painted so it looks as good as the bumper and front panel. LOL.

I highly recommend their work. They also restore vintage cars and their work is fantastic.
A week ago today my car broke down and we are a one car family. We started to work with a mechanic who we were informed was the only mobile service in town that would work at our house on our car. I have no issue with the initial service he performed but I paid him up front for a part that he would install Tuesday to get us running. I had the car towed to my house. After an entire WEEK without a vehicle and zero communication from this “new business” in town I called around and found Top Notch Repairs on 3rd St. Within 4 hours of having my car towed to THEM, they called me and it was fixed. They gave me options and made sure that I was back on the road in record time. I will always recommend them to anyone looking for repair work!!! Thanks Sarah (SP?) and crew for getting me back on the road!
I just wanted to tell you guys I think your operation is truly TOP NOTCH!! I am very impressed with each of you and your approach, thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions. It is a pleasure to work with a talented, smart, and friendly team... I'm enjoying it immensely. Marcel - please keep the ideas coming, I am eager to hear what you suggest. I am highly confident I'll be driving a beautiful work of art this summer. Thanks, M. PS: We should all go out for breakfast one morning.
-M. W.
Love the quality of work that they put in 2 detailing whether it's a motorcycle car airplane scooter I will always bring my bike there and my vehicles to be repaired Best Regards E. M.
I love the people that work there. They are efficient very friendly and best of all they know what they are doing. I had taken my firebird to another mechanic in pahrump. Everytime I took it in it cost me 500$ and it never ran right. It was always something new I needed to buy. He was such a rip off. Top knotch took it in once. Fixed the problem. And it's never run better for half the price!! Thank you top knotch. I wish I had found you sooner. I'd have saved myself alot of money and headaches!
VERY happy
Great place to go. They had so much going on but treated us like we where the only customer. One lady (debbie?) listen to my husband talk about cars. She was hanging on his every word. She showed us some projects they where working on. He was like a kid in a candy store. I haven't heard my husband talk so much in 40 years. I had to come on here to write a review. Open, honest and straight forward.
Thank You TopNotch. I think my husband found a new place to play.
Amazingly quick getting us back on the road after a fuel issue. Reasonable price and friendly service. Mac..
January 29th and we finally received our "NEW AUSTIN HEALEY". What I thought was just a repaint - what was on there was to many coats and it kept chipping. It became much more! First was the pop riveting on the right hand side of the center section. This is aluminium so they got a welder who do this kind of work to weld it up and remove the rivets. Second the dog leg on the rear fender had been previously repaired incorrectly so the "gaps" weren't correct. They welded this so it fit properly. Third Pat found the drivers floor had surface rust all over it. Had to be removed and repainted. I wont tell you how much this pleased the owner - inspite of the fact that I thought there was NO RUST.. Third under the battery in the trunk was fiber glassed. It was removed and a metal panel replaced it. I must admit one can not see where the metal work was done. Fourth the trunk had been under coated both inside and out. As a result on either side of the gas tank the metal had rusted completely through. Finally they pains takenly stripped all the existing paint all over the car and frame. I never believed the AH had so many nuts and bolts. It was then repainted correctly and now looks like the original new vehicle I owned in '62. I am sure Don Healey would approve of this restoration. But most important is the way this shop handled things. Never did they "tell me" something needed fixing - like the U joints. They showed me what was wrong and clearly explained why! They took the time to make sure that I understood why things were being done a certain way. IF you need a simple repaint or a complete restoration I would HIGHLY recommend Top Notch. It is done correctly and is a work of art. Take a look at the air brushing on their trucks! Take a look at the MOPARS they show! Ask Val 2 for my phone number and I will be thrilled to show you the work they have done.
Thank you to the team at Top Notch for repairing Orion (our RV) you do great work!
Incredible service. I needed help fast, fair, and professional as I was towed in from Death Valley. They treated my problem like it was their problem and I received service like I was a long standing customer. I Highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use their shop again. Thanks Top Notch for a wonderful experience!
We are very pleased and satisfied with the inside plumbing repair on our RV while we were in an RV park here in Pahrump. The price was honest and met the estimate. Thanks for the great job and we will use you again if we need help.
-M. D.
Thank`s for the great Paint Job!! Thank you for all you do and for being the WONDERFUL PERSON`S you are. Michel.
5 Stars
-T. C.
5 stars
-B. C.
We were pleasantly amazed that there was an outfit in Pahrump to provide roadside assistance, let alone the professional treatment we received. Couldn't ask for better service. And, we compare all such services to Ed Tuck and his team at T and T Tire in Tacoma.
-K. M.
Top Notch Repairs LLC/owners + staff.
On Labor Day week-end we found ourselves stranded 30 miles out of Pahrump with gasoline in our Mercedes diesel engine. We found your website and called your shop. Valerie II answered and immediately went to work to help us. She found a tow truck big enough to tow our motorhome called in two mechanics (on their day off). She made us coffee, got us cold water, kept us informed what was going on and in 5 hours we were on our way! Customer services is so rare any more, but to find outstanding service on a holiday week-end is amazing. We have told many people who travel through Pahrump of your wonderful shop. Please give Valerie II a special thank you. She and your two mechanics are outstanding! Thanks again. C+K M.
-C K. M.
I've come to this shop twice. The first time was to install exterior door handles. The second time was to have my power steering pump replaced, a new gear box, a power steering pump cooler, and lower ball joints. They have done a great job. I was without my truck for two days and they drove me to and from my house. I just put their work to the test by driving from Pahrump, NV to Cape May County, NJ pulling a 6'×12' Uhaul trailer. The truck handled the weather, tough road conditions and weight no matter what I needed to put it through without any issues. If I'm ever back in the area I will go to them again.
-J. C.
They got the Big Truck in quickly and did the work with much attention and skill.
-F. M.
I took my 65 Tbird in for repairs to some electrical issues. they were very knowledgeable on addressing the issues and they weren't satisfied with the repair until they got the repair done correctly, I would recommend them if you have a older vehicle.
-R. J.
We are driving through the USA in our RV had damage on the bumper and the ductape would not hold anymore. : ). To order a new bumper takes forever and would stop us in our travels. On our way to death valley we came through Pahrump and Topnotch was recommended to us. A great job. Very friendly and the bumper looks perfect. SUPER!! The shiniest thing on our RV.
-A. R.
When you need a mobile mechanic these guys are great. They came out to the house within less than an hour after we called. Diagnosed our starter problem on our '72 Chevy C10 and had it repaired and replaced in just two hours. The work was done in our driveway in over 100 degree heat! Nice, professional, mechanics with reasonable prices. We'll take our vehicles into their shop any time the need arises.
We have to give mad props to all the guys at Top Notch Repairs in Pahrump, NV. Our tire blew on our 5th wheel causing $3200 in damage. Turnaround for repairs was impressive! They know their stuff and have the best customer service! We would go out of way to have work done there again...but let's hope we won't need to! We are grateful for all they did for us!
-R. U.
My husband was very impressed. With the 2 guys that came regarding our problem with the car. He has never talked about some one with such regard. John was very knowledgeable. He showed Tony things about the car and was very friendly.
-A. C.
It was good and very professional.
Although I spent more than I had anticipated, they provided an hour by hour update on the accumulating charges, explaining why the work was needed and asked for my approval on each cost increment, so that I never had any doubt that the charges were fair and reasonable. It was a pleasure to be around the people at Top Notch who were cheerful and took great pride in their work.
-A. C.
Well, where do I begin? We arrived at our RV park in Pahrump and as I was unhitching our car I noticed an oily substance on the car hitch and all over the front of the car...NOT GOOD! So we went to the park office and asked for a recommendation for a place to get our motorhome checked out. They recommended Top Notch Repairs. We were so pleased with the service, quality of repairs, and friendliness of their staff! They made our overnight stay in their service lot comfortable and worry-free. We would definitely recommend them for any repairs. Hope we don't have to see them ever again for mechanical problems, but THANK YOU Top Notch for all that you did to get us back on the road again!!!
-S. B.
Had Top Notch fit my fiberglass roof on my 1960 Austin Healey. Came out PERFECT - no one else in town could even come close. Fit like it was factory made rather than after market. For restoration type work they are the best in Pahrump. Highly recommend them...
-A. S.
The name says it all. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the work that I ordered came out better than expected. They are indeed TOP NOTCH.
I might also add that the price was very fair.
-B. E.
I recently had Top Notch do some repair work to the paint of my 1959 MGA roadster. As the name states, Top Notch!!! They did a great job and i would do business with them again.
Your Service was Great. your service people were very pleasant. Thanks
-G. C.
Absolutely cannot say enough good things about this company. They are professional reasonable and very helpful. Our truck broke down during our vacation and they got his back on the road right away. Thank you so much
-K. T.
Fixed our hitch while we were traveling AWESOME people GREAT WORK!!!!! Thanks again!!!!
-D. W.
Awesome service at Top Notch. They were quick and let me buy my own parts. I had a major front end job done and they tackled it quickly. I liked them so much I asked that they work on my RV. They did that as well and even came out to the RV park to do the repairs.
Wish I would have known about this shop years ago.
They also do a lot of hot rods and semi trucks and it is a blast to look at all the vehicles while your waiting. 2002 Dodge Ram 3500 4x4 cummins 5.9
First rate body work at a very fair price. Very friendly people and I will do business with them again. (Although next time I hope it's not body work...lol).
-V. K.
Top notch is always extremely helpful and professional whenever I need to bring in my vehicle.
-S. H.
I really appreciate the professionalism in the office the quality of work the clear understanding between the mechanic and the owner of the vehicle you guys do great work and the price is always fair therefore I will still keep bringing my vehicles to be worked on at your facility kind regards.
-E. M.
They saved our 2009 PT Cruiser Chrysler after Chapman Dodge in Henderson took off tie rod in rear of car. Thank you very much. God Bless. (10)
-R. D.
They work on my Chevrolet and painted it. They were Great to work with. (10)
-R. R.
Excellent Workmanship Great Pricing On Time Completion (10)
-R. B.
Top Notch has always done a outstanding job on my auto repairs both mechanical and paint, body repairs. There priceing is very reasonable for the quality of work they perform. (9)
-V. G.
First Class (Excellent)
Friendly - Accable - Open to customers ideals and very Flexible to work with, Always Courteous to Employees As Well as Customers. Just fun to be around. (10)
-J. P.
Top Notch truly lives up to their name. They did a "top notch" repair and paint job on our truck. The price was good and the workmanship was beyond our expectations. Top Notch Repairs really produces top notch result. (10)
-M. M.
Very Honest and Professional! They do a very Good job on everything that they do. (10)
-R. M.